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Holy Thursday

Holy ThursdayThe path towards the Passion: the Holy Thursday and the Altars of Repose Today, the 17th of April 2014, all the devoted people will visit the churches [more]


Bisceglie#PugliaByMe: Bisceglie in pills by Francesco   Hello, my name is Francesco Brescia, I’m from Bisceglie and, if I wasn’t from Puglia, I would still choose to [more]

Caramelized Onions

Caramelized OnionsI love caramelizes onions, however I have always thought of them as a difficult dish to prepare and I've really never tried it out. Let's [more]

Sesame Seed and Olive Oil Biscuits

Sesame Seed and Olive Oil BiscuitsWe all love biscuits, in particular if they are made with healthy ingredients, have a great taste and are low in calories! So today we're sharing [more]


Conversano#PugliaByMe: Discovering Conversano with Domenico   If you ask for information on Conversano to those who live in the neighbourhood, probably the first thing they would tell [more]

Fried Artichokes

Fried ArtichokesThis delicious recipe of the fried artichokes has been gently offered by Anna, one of our dearest followers, an authentic pugliese and advocate of her [more]


Manfredonia#PugliaByMe: Discovering Manfredonia with Giuliana As stated in a famous local song of Carnival.. If you want to have fun, you have to come in Manfredonia!The charming [more]

Wild Asparagus Balls

Wild Asparagus BallsAmong the many plants and herbs that grow wild and perfume countryside during this season, there is the wild asparagus. A thorny shrub that grows between [more]

A little altar for St Joseph

A little altar for St JosephAn old Puglian tradition to celebrated St Joseph On the 19th of March the Church commemorates Saint Joseph, Jesus’ putative father. Every year, in the little towns [more]


#PugliaByMe#PugliaByMe, our Social Campaign We are happy to launch a new column called #PugliaByMe with the aim of promoting non-conventional tourist information about the territory, seen [more]

Le Quarantane

Le QuarantaneWith the season of Lent, which starts on Ash Wednesday and covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter Day, some villages in Puglia [more]

Zeppole of St Joseph

Zeppole of St JosephThe Zeppole are a sweet typical of Southern Italy and are usually prepared during the feast of St. Joseph, on 19th March. It is said [more]

Fires of St Joseph

Fires of St JosephIn the period just before the celebration of St. Joseph, in Puglia it is not unusual to come across groups of young people collecting wood [more]

Farrata from Manfredonia

Farrata from ManfredoniaThis recipe comes from Vittorio, a young boy from Manfredonia with a great passion for his city, who during these days of Carnival intrigued us [more]

Zagare Bay

Zagare BayThe Zagare Bay, one of the Top Ten beaches in Italy The Zagare Bay, also called Mergoli Bay, is located after the Pugnochiuso Bay, 15 Km [more]

Lady Mafia, Puglia goes Comics

Lady Mafia, Puglia goes ComicsOn 22nd February, a new comic noir arrived in all newsagents in Italy and has already been subject of discussion and reflection from the national [more]

Gargano, Gate of Peace

Gargano, Gate of PeaceManfredonia and Gargano, Gate of Peace and Capitals of SolidarityManfredonia and the Gargano have been elected Capitals of Solidarity, Peace and great popular music. This [more]

Santo Spirito, a safe harbour

Santo Spirito, a safe harbourI had been told to follow the sea and I started travelling, as a ship. The sea cradled me and the wind was my only [more]

New services and new look for BeautifulPuglia.com

New services and new look for BeautifulPuglia.comBeautifulPuglia.com, il portale 100% made in Puglia, si rifà il look e torna sul web con servizi aggiuntivi e una nuova veste grafica! Due giovani pugliesi [more]

Lassaddìcane Theater Project - Manduria

Lassaddìcane Theater Project - Manduria"Lassaddìcane" is a creative commons theater project conceived by and starring Stefania Semeraro, organized by ApuliActiva a.s.d. that will take place on 28th February at [more]

Ruvo di Puglia Carnival 2014

Ruvo di Puglia Carnival 2014It's all set in Ruvo di Puglia for the 9th edition of the Carnival 2014, an event that for years has become an important recurrence [more]

Puglia Top Destination in 2014

Puglia Top Destination in 2014People like Puglia. Elected top destination in 2014. Great news for tourism in Puglia! After the recognition from Lonely Planet that has mentioned Puglia as one [more]

#WeAreinPuglia wins in Ireland

#WeAreinPuglia wins in IrelandBeautiful Puglia is delighted to share with you the great achievement of our beloved Puglia, whose name has recently being put forward at the annual [more]

Lady Mafia - Second Episode

Lady Mafia - Second EpisodeSabato 28 settembre e' uscito il numero 2 di Lady Mafia, il primo fumetto noir ambientato in Puglia. Finalmente in edicola, nelle fumetterie, e non solo, il nuovo [more]