Giovinazzo and its charming fishing port

Hi, I’m Viviana and this is my hometown | #PugliaByMe

If you are planning to spend some time in Puglia, my hometown Giovinazzo could be a nice stop to add to your list, while visiting the Bari Land. Located few kilometres North from Bari, Giovinazzo is a charming peninsula surrounded by the blue Adriatic sea, with the characteristic old town set within sturdy walls, which enclose a number of architectural beauties.

Our #WeAreInPuglia Experience at the Dublin Road Show

What you can do and enjoy at the Dublin’s Puglia Village!

On Sunday 6th July, the Road Show #WeAreInPuglia finally landed at Dublin and set its 250sq white tends at George’s Dock in the IFSC quarter, bringing along a breath of summer air!

We have been at the Village to meet and greet the WeAreInPuglia team, looking forward to exploring the virtual tours, connecting with locals and enjoying some food & wine tasting.
Here you can read of our experience and get a glimpse of what you can do and enjoy at the Puglia Village!