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Ceramic Museum

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Located South-East of Bishop’s Castle, the former residence of the Archbishops of Taranto, the Museum occupies the space formerly used as stables which, after adequate restoration work, have become an exhibition space of great beauty.

The figulino craftsmanship which for centuries has been a leading sector for the economy of Grottaglie, is very well represented by approximately 400 artifacts, which cover a very wide span that goes from the eighth century BC to the present days. The objects, which come from public and private collections, tell the story of a past in which the ceramic played a vital role in the lives of men, satisfying their basic need of hygiene and food preservation, but also their needs to own objects that absolve a purely ornamental function.

Currently, the museum is divided into five sections:

  • Traditional Ceramics of Use
  • Archaeological
  • Majolica
  • Contemporary Ceramics
  • Cribs

How to reach the museum

Bari Airport, 110 km far from Grottaglie
Brindisi Airport, 55 km far from Grottaglie

Railway station of Grottaglie
Link Taranto-Brindisi

Bologna-Taranto motorway: exit Massafra
Main road to Brindisi: exit Grottagli