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Pizzicato Eco Bed and Breakfast it is born from our wish to approach to the hospitality and the heat of a family environment the professional abilities of a real hotel. Convinced of the importance to develop a sustainable tourism to low environmental impact, we make of all those people that you/they desire to spend a vacation to the insignia of the relax available, our receptive structure, offering one among the best services on the territory.

The apartments rise in one of the common de “The most beautiful Suburbs in Italy”, Vico of the Gargano that is found to 5 Km from the sea and from the Forest Umbra…from us you can live a true experience not a simple vacation…

Nicknamed the “country of the love”, the suburb does it departs some National Park of the Gargano and it constitutes the heart of it in how much he/she understands, in its territory, the Forest Umbra.

Our B&B exalts the concepts of quality, reception and hospitality on which it founds him another reality created by our family and already present since the sixties on the territory garganico: the Cafe Gelateria Pasticceria Pinched, signalled among the best places in the Province of Manner inside the prestigious guide Red (

From our B&B, crossing few kilometers, it is possible to reach the beautiful beaches garganiche enjoying, during the journey, of the vision of secular and luxuriant uliveti agrumeti. Thanks then to the daily connections from the harbors of Rodi and Fish it finds us possible to reach the Islands Tremblings, heaven for the sub and for whoever wants to bathe in waters that have deserved more times the Blue Flag.

During the pernotto in our Bed and Breakfast you will have the opportunity to discover a place tourist as the Gargano, countersigned by different landscape itineraries between sea and hills, but also to be driven in the tasting of biological products, tour and destinations itineranti to the discovery of the nature, rediscovering the local traditions of the past, without nothing to remove from the comfort.

Situated therefore in the heart of the Gargano, the lodgings are prepared to the raised again plan and they have an autonomous entry and with their modern environments from the vivacious colors, they immediately give, to whom occupies them a feeling of heat, relax and calm. The lodgings Filbert, Chocolate and Strawberry are open space able to actually entertain to four people. The lodging Lemon, equal for services and comfort to the others three, he differentiates for the two-bedroom presence from bed independent.

Energetic class A+.

We can organize you excursions on the Gargano that, with his/her 2000 square kilometers of surface, he/she offers place, traditions, natural and historical beauties of big value all to be discovered.

Us for first we believe in this type of tourism and for this we invite you to discover, during your vacations, suggestive natural areas, distant from the flow of mass that every year suffocates the cities and the most known destinations.

Thanks to the good knowledge of our territory and the bonds created with the local tourist corporate body, we will be pleased to help you in the organization of itineraries in bike (we remember that the Gargano is the heaven of the climbers), coastal (sea caves, reserve of holy Tecla…), afoot, (to the lakes, in the Forest Umbra) religious and…and the rest will discover him/it!

We also organize varied courses and excursions:
– pasta’s courses done in the house, the typical ones “auricles”; – a day from “Farmer” to the BioAgrumeto Pizzicato;
– excursion at night inside the National Park of the Gargano;
– excursion to the discovery of the archaeology and the Mediterranean Stain where time and nature meet him;
– spectacular itineraries to be lived in bike in the National Park of the Gargano;
– excursions to the discovery of the islands tremblings;
– excursions to the discovery of the caves and the inlets of the coast Garganica in raft;
– splendid itineraries among Mediterranean stain, forest, beaches, to live to horse.