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An Acrobatic Park, sometimes known as Adventure Park, is a skill set of steps at high altitudes where you can develop skills of concentration, balance, muscle tone and agility in completing the various paths. The purpose of the activity is fun and satisfaction in dealing with the different steps, really in total safety.

It is an amazing entertainment experience intended for adults, teens and children to escape the daily routine and experience the thrill of adventure, passing pleasant hours with friends and family.

All activities are differentiated by type and difficulty, and are enjoyable as early as age 3.

Usually, these parks are built in remote locations and very difficult to reach.
That’s why the idea of an Urban Acrobatic Park, in close contact with everyday life, but light years away from the stereotype of fun.

This allows you to live it like a real gym workout: no longer automatically in front of cold machines, but suspended 13 meters in height, in the company of your true emotions.

You can decide whether to practice the paths during the day or at night, where the light filtered through the branches of the trees gives the park an absolutely special atmosphere.

It does not require any previous experience: our instructors are ready to provide all necessary assistance for learning progression techniques and safety rules, including providing the necessary technical equipment.

Spend a day outdoors other than usual, Adrenalin Zone has much to offer: with nearly 100 different steps and pathways to 1 meters, 6 meters and 13 meters high from now on it is prohibited bored.

Come and experience a rush of PURE ADRENALINE!