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The winery, founded in 1932 by enlightened winemakers today can be considered the historical memory of the world enoic Puglia. Thousand hectares of vineyard, led by four hundred partners with passion and skill, is one of the strengths of the cooperative since its birth, has made its efforts to enhance the unmatched characteristics of the main product of his land: the Primitivo. The Primitivo vine, whose history is lost in the mists of time, met in our area an ideal habitat to give their best. From his grapes yield a wine with a distinctive personality, Primitivo di Manduria DOC: red, dry or sweet, with slight withering on the vine, well structured, full bodied, with a characteristic fruity bouquet. An history and a culture tied firmly to tradition, backed by authoritative research projects undertaken with universities, the CNR and other institutions – aimed at exalting the taste and quality of production – everything today allows the cellar PVM to bear the appellation of MASTERS IN PRIMITIVO.

Specialists in Primitivo since 1932

The history of the wine “Primitivo” gets lost in the legend. Probably it arrived in Puglia, more than 30 centuries ago, from the near Illiria (Balkan area). Only at the end of 18th, a man of Church, Don Filippo Indellicati, selected the plant and started cultivating it in intensive way. He called that vine “Primitivus”, because he noticed that its grapes grew ripe earlier than other types of vines (at the end of August).

In the south –orient versant of the province of Taranto, which stretches on the plain towards the Jonio sea and in a few zones of the hinterland which separate Taranto from Brindisi, the Primitivo vine finds its most favourable place to flourish, fondled by the sun of the Salento and caressed by the delicate sea breezes.

All the way from the red colour steal this wine got robust and inimitable with violet reflexes. Its complex scents remind one of a floral bouquet, spices and fruits to red pulp. The taste is intense and persisting with pleasantly round tannins.

The CONSORZIO PRODUTTORI VINI protects the tradition of the wine making of the Primitivo and proposes a wide change on the theme.

Following labels compose the “élite” line:

  • Memoria, a classical Primitivo di Manduria Doc. It is matured in steel and bottle, especially suitable for the culinary specialities of Salento.
  • Lirica, a wine Doc for all meals, refined only for two months of aging in barrique of French allier wood;
  • Elegia, the Primitive di Manduria Doc for exclusive events, with 13 months of aging in barrique followed by 6 months in bottle and suitable to be associated to red meats and game.
  • Madrigale, a Passito Doc, perfect as “meditation” wine. It is obtained by the soft squeezing of the bunches let fade naturally on the plants and suitable in coupling to cakes of almonds, confectioner’s of Salento, melting chocolate and cheeses.


  • Folletto, a unusual sparkling wine, made by to “charmat” method, sweet, with a pleasant and fresh aftertaste.
  • Cuor di Primitivo, the elegant Grappa which is iron fist in velvet glove.

Founded in 1932, the Consorzio Produttori Vini di Manduria represents the first big cooperation project of the viticulture of Puglia.

In over 76 years of history, the consortium became a multi-level reference point.

This is happened especially thanks to the big attention given to the improvement of the territory, the quality of the final product (and the processes of wine – making), the growth in terms of sales and its recent affirmation on the bottle market.

The Consorzio Produttori Vini di Manduria has promoted in the 90’s the economical and cultural throw of the Primitivo wine. For too many years the local producers have considered this wine good enough only to give structure to the more famous wines of northern Italy, without thinking in a big market consent with an own label.

Today, the cooperative store, with a total of 732 hectares of vineyard, divides the fruits of a heavy policy of affirmation of this DOC with the other operators of the Primitivo wine’s district contributing to the compilation of the young identity card with an inexorable characteristic: the quality.

The strength of the Consorzio Produttori Vini di Manduria remains in its co-operative nature: it coordinates, in fact, the work of almost 400 smallholders and thanks to the constant research of quality is makes them strongly competitive on the market.