Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a centuries-old eating lifestyle, originally followed by the people living around the Mediterranean Sea, which has been scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, able to prevent everything from cancer to heart disease.
The Mediterranean diet is characterized by a high intake of vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates, with olive oil as main source of fat, which makes this diet high rich in fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Puglia Cuisine and Traditional Italian Recipes

In this section we offer you delicious recipes and simple ideas that you can easily prepare at home. Many of these recipes are the result of our culinary experiments, sometimes revisited to make them lighter or easier to cook, others are kindly offered by our dear followers and local chefs, to offer you a wide selection of Italian dishes!
Of course we have included some traditional recipes of Puglia, taken directly from our grandmas’ recipe book!

If the “modern times” give you very little time to spend in the kitchen, in this section you will find inspiring ideas to easily spoil your taste buds!

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Typical Products

Gastronomy in Puglia is a mix of colours and flavors that make this cuisine so reach and varied. In this section we introduce some of its culinary traditions, masterpieces  and the most famous dishes.

  • Top 15 Savory Food in Puglia you cannot miss!

    Pugliese Gastronomy: Top 15 Savory Food in Puglia you cannot miss! In Puglia, gastronomy is deeply-rooted and represents a main link between land, natural resources and community. While visiting the region, you should definitely dedicate some time to taste and enjoy the local cuisine. Pugliese cuisine has always been defined as ...

  • Taralli

    “Everything is ended to tarallucci and wine”, meaning that is everything is ended well and every discussion is resolved with a nothing of fact. This friendly expression is used to say that everything is finished for the best and is the famous motto of tarallini from Puglia that best describes ...

  • Olive Oil

    Olive trees derive from The Oleastro, which is a species of wild olive tree, its early findings can be dated back tens of thousands of years ago. According to Greek mythology goddess Athena was the one who planted the first olive tree and its fruit was given to all men as ...

  • Friselle

    The frisella, also called frisa, makes its first appearance back in 1300. Typical of Southern Italy regions such as Campania and even more Puglia, its literal description is: bagel-shaped toasted roll. The name frisella probably derives from the Latin “frendere”, which means grind, cut into small pieces, and in fact the frisella is a crumbly food. It ...

  • Fichi d’India

    Vi scrivo con una bella fetta di pane tostato e marmellata accanto. E’ un particolare che potrebbe sembrare inutile o molto peggio non interessarvi affatto ma è proprio da questo succulento pane con la marmellata che è nata l’idea per il mio articolo. Pochi giorni fa, percorrendo in bici le stradine ...

  • Dried Figs

    I recently had the pleasure of attending a very ancient custom that usually characterizes the countryside life during the last weeks of summer. A beautiful tradition that unfortunately, like many others, is disappearing and I believe it should be preserved instead. The collection and drying of the fresh figs for ...