Cartapesta: Lecce’s Artistic Legacy

Discovering the old tradition of Cartapesta in Lecce with Victoria | #PugliaByMe

A craft very unique to Lecce in the Salento region of Puglia is cartapesta, papier-mâché. No, not the papiermâché you did in elementary school… papier-mâché as an art form! In fact, especially here in Lecce you will find many spectacular statues and even a ceiling in one of the churches is actually papier-mâché e! And trust me, you would never suspect it unless it was pointed out to you!!

Giovinazzo and its charming fishing port

Hi, I’m Viviana and this is my hometown | #PugliaByMe

If you are planning to spend some time in Puglia, my hometown Giovinazzo could be a nice stop to add to your list, while visiting the Bari Land. Located few kilometres North from Bari, Giovinazzo is a charming peninsula surrounded by the blue Adriatic sea, with the characteristic old town set within sturdy walls, which enclose a number of architectural beauties.

Santo Spirito, a safe harbour

I had been told to follow the sea and I started travelling, as a ship. The sea cradled me and the wind was my only mentor. I have crossed so many seas, but at the end, my ship came back to a safe harbour: the one that, just looking at it, is capable to take your breath away and make your heart beat faster.
This harbour is full of memories, slowly moved by the childish souvenirs of the summers spent on that beaches. That’s Puglia. Puglia is tradition, memory, emotion.