Pugliese Recipe: Scapece Gallipolina

This recipe has been gently offered by Gabriella, a half English half Italian who likes to Mangiare Bene and runs the beautiful blog MangiaBene where she shares her foodie experiences and family recipes.

This dish’s origins lie in its name – Gallipoli. The scapece dates back to medieval times when the town came under siege by various Mediterranean authorities. Inhabitants of Gallipoli took refuge behind the city walls and therefore needed to find ways to prolong the life of some foods.

Spinach Ricotta Pie

This is a rustic pie, very easy and quick to prepare. An excellent alternative to the heavier versions with cheese and cream. It can be served either hot or cold, as main course along with a soup or as starter served in slices. You can unleash your creativity and add some additional ingredients to make it more tasty and colorful, such as fresh or dried tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, sweetcorn.