This page contains answers to commonly asked questions in relation to the services offered by Beautiful Puglia.

Beautiful Puglia is an international portal of tourist information about Puglia and its local business, whose objective is to facilitate the encounter between supply and demand and offers in a single platform complete and accurate information to help visitors better plan their stay. Beautiful Puglia is NOT a tour operator or travel agency, therefore we do not offer reservation or mediation services for any of the services listed on our network. To reserve services and accommodation, please visit the official websites of our partners as listed on the portal.
The listing service is open to the following business categories: accommodation (hotels, masserie, farmhouses, villas, bed and breakfasts, camping), restaurants, trattorie, artisanal and typical products, cooking classes, tourist and sport tours, wine tours and museums.
No, the service is completely free. There are no subscription or brokerage fees.
Just send an email to with the information you wish to modify and our team will amend the page for you.
Yes, you can list all your businesses but they will add as separate pages. You cannot list more than one business into the same page.
Your personal page will contain contact details and direct links to our website. If visitors wish to make a reservation they can do so by contacting you directly.
Yes, you can request to have your page removed by sending an email to Note – Once we delete the page all your data will be removed.
For more information please contact us at

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