Did you know that gastronomic products are the most popular souvenirs of Puglia?

The one thing that Puglia can certainly not be beaten in is food. Gastronomy represents a link between land, natural resources and community and is definitely the flagship of the region. Puglian cuisine has always been defined as cucina povera (poor cuisine), for its simple ingredients, yet it satisfies any palate. It comes from natural products of simple but distinct flavours and it has three main strengths: durum wheat, vegetables and olive oil that combined with meat and fish create original dishes with genuine and unique flavours. The motto here in Puglia is: simple is good.

Puglia is a region of plain fields and hills, it is washed by two seas and it is kissed by the sun all year around. Thanks to this, it benefits of a microclimate that is perfect for growing grapes, olives, wheat and almonds, not to mention vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Indeed vegetables take a central position on most Puglian menus and when combined with home-made pasta or fresh fish or meat, they give the palate unforgettable sensations. Raw vegetables are usually eaten as starter. The cheese also is equally impressive, in particular fresh cheese such as mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella and cacio ricotta.

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