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At the border between the three regions, Puglia, Campania and Molise, we find the little town of Biccari. Surrounded by the Daunia Mountains and at the foot of the region’s highest peak (1.151 meters), Monte Cornacchia, Biccari boasts an impressive location.

From here, in fact, we can admire thick forests, herd-grazing fields, olive groves and the lake Pescara. We can even stretch a view to the Adriatic Coast, the Gargano Promontory and the Tremiti Islands. This area of Puglia is known as “the roof of Puglia.”

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House on sales for €1

More recently, Biccari became famous, as it launched a campaign to sell off dilapidated homes priced at €1 in an effort to repopulate the urban area. They also offer bargain deals on ready-to-occupy places with prices starting as low as €7,500 and in average in the range of €10,000 – €13,000.

The massive migration over the past decades has more than halved the population of the town, going from 5,000 inhabitants in the 1950s to just over 2,000 residents.

The mayor Mignogna said in a recent interview “We’re barely 2,000 residents; depopulation is an open wound, a steady phenomenon. Locals keep leaving and while most used to come back during the summer to visit. Now they no longer do so. Many habitable houses are empty and are falling into oblivion. I thought the best way was to involve those no-longer interested owners to sell them right off.”

Photos and maps of the properties can be found on the this website.

Thanks to this initiative, potential buyers will be able to enjoy a wonderful stay in one of the most characteristic towns in Puglia. The initiative has been a success as demonstrated by the high number of purchase requests received in a short time frame.

Biccari has become one of the most sought after Italian destinations to move.

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What to do and see in Biccari

Set on rolling hills, Biccari enjoys a privileged position with a top view to amazing panoramas. The local landscapes include beautiful olive groves, vineyards, the Bosco Cerasa and large woods of Cerro, maple, beech, elm, and hawthorn. Numerous itineraries allow exploration if this beautiful scenery.

The old town has also a lot to offer from an architectural level.

Founded by the ancient Romans, the origins of Biccari dates back to the 11th century. As testimony of its ancient origins we find the Byzantine cylindrical tower, ancient military outposts to better defend the Via Traiana.

Of particular interest the Palazzo Caracciolo and the elegant portal of Palacio del Gallo. The mother church, which perfectly expresses the neoclassical style. The well maintained historical center and the roman-gothic church of San Quirico. The Convent of Sant’Antonio (1477), the Church of the Assunta, the wooden altar richly carved and decorated in pure gold of San Michele (XVIII century).

The countryside is dotted with ruins of prehistoric settlements and old farms as well as with industrial windmills

If you want to enjoy the local festivity, we suggest visiting the town during the first week of August. The patron saint San Donato is celebrated on the 7th with a lot of former residents moving back to town. As in other town in Puglia, the Biccaresi parade through the town with statues of San Donato and other saints accompanied by a hired marching band

The best way to get to Biccari is by car. If you prefer the train then the closest train station is in Foggia, about half an hour away

What to eat

Biccari has also an extraordinary culinary tradition and offers a wide range of gastronomic products. At `the pizzas at furne apierte`, you can taste a type of pizza made in open ovens. To the standard recipe of the pizza dough, they added additional ingredients like olive oil, oregano and the chili pepper.

“U’ Mascjuottele” is a premium hard cheese made with local goat’s milk. It can be eaten fresh or dry over pasta dishes. Its smell is delicate, with hints of grass and a sweet taste.

Another delicacy are the sausages made with wild baby black piglet, which has a tastier meat. It can be consumed fresh (after cooking) or dry (seasoned).

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