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Bisceglie: what to do and see

Bisceglie in pills by Francesco | #PugliaByMe

Hello, my name is Francesco Brescia, I’m from Bisceglie and, if I wasn’t from Puglia, I would still choose to come from it! Here some information and tips of the town where I was born, where I live and where I am waiting for you to come and discover its beauties.

What to know and see

Hinge between the two provinces (Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani), Bisceglie looks like a city for all tastes and for all seasons. It is an ancient village full of narrow streets, churches and palaces, with its historical centre among the greatest of Puglia! Bisceglie also offers eight kilometers of swimming coastline and a beautiful countryside where dolmens, houses, towers, ancient farms rise up.

Among the places to visit stand out: the Cathedral dedicated to St. Peter and the relics of the three saints Martyrs Patrons of the City, Bishop Mauro, Sergio and Pantaleone (the latter two, knights, were converted to Christianity by the Bishop Mauro). The year of the Cathedral’s construction is 1073.

Another place worth to be mentioned is the funerary monument, dating from the Middle Bronze Age (1600-1300 BC), the best preserved in Europe: the Chianca Dolmen located in the heart of Bisceglie’s countryside.

Wonderful, both in summer and in winter, it’s the Bisceglie’s sea that caresses the characteristic rounded and very white pebbles,  typical of the coast from the naturalistic town of Pantano-Ripalta (eastern seafront) to the Mediterranean Theater (western seafront).

Porto Bisceglie
Teatro Mediterraneo

Our specialties

Of course, a special mention to our succulent typical food: in the first place, it stands the most popular treat of Bisceglie, the sospiro (the sigh) that recalls the shape of a female breast, made of sponge cake, cream and covered by the typical gileppo (icing sugar). The sospiro was prepared in the sixteenth century by the nuns of the Monastery of St. Louis on the occasion of the wedding of Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Bisceglie (who never arrived in town).

Sospiri di Bisceglie

Getting to Bisceglie

Moving around the city is very easy with any type of transport. Every thirty minutes you have buses that  lead toward Molfetta (south) and Trani (north). But you can always opt for a nice walk, even if it is a city in continuous expansion. To get to Bisceglie by car, you can drive in the Autostrada and then get out at Trani exit, following the direction toward Bisceglie.

Tre Santi

Not to be missed

Two mail celebrations in Bisceglie: the first is dedicated to the three Patron Saints on the 2nd weekend of August, while the second takes place the 2nd week of September in honor of the co- patroness, Our Lady of Sorrows.

But from May to September, a series of festivals enlivens the area around the city in honor of the Saints which the various parishes are devoted to.

A Bisceglie there is also the biggest discoclub in Southern Italy, the Divinae Follie. The city has three 4* hotel, a 3* hotel, several B&B, campings and an eco-camping recently opened, “Brezza tra gli Ulivi”, on the road to Bisceglie -Molfetta.

Grotte Ripalta

About Francesco

My name is Francesco Brescia, I have a degree in Languages and Culture for Tourism Studies, University of Bari, that I keep well rolled my room (not for modesty, but for lack of space and vainglory). I have… some years (who cares how many? Nobody!) and since 2004 I am a member of the Pro Loco UNPLI Bisceglie (, after having attended a course for tourist guides in 2003. I am also registered to the Albo delle Guide Turistiche of the  B.A.T. Province. Since 2008, I am a freelance journalist and since 2011 I am also a radio speaker of Radio Centre Bisceglie, with my column called “Cosa Succede in Città” (What’s Happening in the City) In Pro Loco I did my college internship, I coordinated the youth group, headed the press office, designed promotional initiatives for the area (photo contest, a competition of Christmas poems and drawings, online contests, the “Summer School” for young people from 16 to 19 years old) and I had the opportunity to learn more about my city and the whole region that I really love. In addition to the tourist promotion, my other passions are journalism and radio: staying in constant motion (jogging along Bisceglie’s seafront  is an experience that I wish to everyone. Spectacular and refreshing!), informing and learning every time more about Puglia!

Dolmen La Chianca