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    Dried Figs

    I recently had the pleasure of attending a very ancient custom that usually characterizes the countryside life during the last weeks of summer. A beautiful tradition that unfortunately, like many others, is disappearing and I believe it should be preserved instead. The collection and drying of the fresh figs for the preparation of fichi cucchiati (literally coupled figs).

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    “Barese” Focaccia

    This is a typical recipe from Puglia, in particular from Bari, indeed this focaccia is called barese. Every time is perfect to enjoy it and it can be served hot or cold. As main meal you can eat it along with some cheese, cured mix or salad. This recipe comes from a special Pugliese aunt, Maria, directly from her book, so believe us that its taste is just pure goodness!

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    “Everything is ended to tarallucci and wine”, meaning that is everything is ended well and every discussion is resolved with a nothing of fact. This friendly expression is used to say that everything is finished for the best and is the famous motto of taralli from Puglia that best describes their history and tradition. The taralli were first introduced in Neapolitan cuisine at the end of 1700, food shortages and widespread hunger induced bakers to preserve the remains of the dough used to make bread, the bakers added pork fat and pepper to it and that’s how the taralli were born. It was a poor food but nutritious and economical and…

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    The frisella, also called frisa, makes its first appearance back in 1300. Typical of Southern Italy regions such as Campania and even more Puglia, its literal description is: bagel-shaped toasted roll. The name frisella probably derives from the Latin “frendere”, which means grind, cut into small pieces, and in fact the frisella is a crumbly food. It can be seen as a durum hard bread biscuit, cut horizontally in half and toasted again in the oven. The dough is entirely mixed by hand and is made from durum wheat flour, water, salt and yeast. The dough is then cut and rolled in a shape reminiscent of the bagel. After the first baking in a wood oven,…