Gargano, Gate of Peace

Manfredonia and Gargano, Gate of Peace and Capitals of Solidarity

Manfredonia and the Gargano have been elected Capitals of Solidarity, Peace and great popular music. This achievement is being celebrated this week with a big event, promoted by the Puglia Region, which is gathering thousands of ethno folk music lovers!

The event kicked off yesterday, Friday 7th March, with a concert in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, where popular singers all across Italy lived up the stage: Nakaira from Sicily, Alla Bua from Salento, Mimmo Cavallaro of the Taranta Project, Cantodiscanto from Palestine, The Tratturo from Molise, Patrick Lopez form California, Baobab Percussion, Danzanova  from Gargano. And finally, as special guest, the Italian songwriter Eugenio Bennato!

The event is an invitation to reflect on the educational value that the music of oral tradition performs in contexts of conflict. Here the music stands as a universal language, representing one of the tools able to teach tolerance towards others and promote understanding and solidarity between people.

Today, Saturday 8th March, celebrations continue with the conference called “Gargano, Gate of Peace“, where will also take part: Angelo Riccardi, Mayor of Manfredonia, Silvia Godelli, commissioner of the Mediterranean Puglia Region, Franco Ognissanti, regional director, Antonio Varrecchia, Councillor for Tourism municipality of Manfredonia, and finally Michele De Meo, from Manfredonia Tourism.

“Our city – says the commissioner Varrecchia – is gradually becoming the main hub of the events in Gargano. Manfredonia will set the scene where values such as brotherhood and equality will first be expressed artistically and then addressed and discussed with the conferences that will follow during the weekend. An important opportunity to engage with the new generations and share a vision of the future.”

“The music – adds Michele De Meo, president of Manfredonia Tourism – shouldn’t be only seen as a recreational phenomenon but also as a strategic element for the conservation of our culture and the promotion of our wonderful Gargano. The music has always been associated to peace, serenity and social gathering, and there is a great need of all of this, considering the recently difficult time.”