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Isola dei Conigli Puglia (Rabbits Island)

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About 1 km from the coastal village of Porto Cesareo there is the charming Rabbits Isle (Isola dei Conigli), a must-see if you’re in the area! The island runs parallel to the coast, it is about 2,5 km long and just over 400m wide.

Porto Cesareo

Photo Credits Fran Flickr

Origin of its name!

Also known on the sailing maps with the name of Isola Grande, it was renamed Rabbit Island due to a herd of cattle that was started on the island for the local population, particularly rabbits.

The stretch of sea that separates the island from the coast reaches a maximum height of 40 feet, which is why a lot of people swim to the island or walk for short excursions or perhaps to spend the entire day.
Alternatively, the island can be reached by boat from the nearby harbor and, for a few euros, you can indeed get a ride from the local fishermen who can also come and pick you up at an agreed hour; alternatively you can hire the typical Italian “pedalò”.


Photo Credits Frank Flickr

It is important to note that the island is completely uninhabited and without accommodations, bars or any recreational structures. Essentially it is a true natural oasis.
The island is mostly covered by pine trees, Aleppo and Acacias trees, and typical Mediterranean vegetation, which cover most of the dunes and beaches of Salento Peninsula.
It is part of the Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo and is surrounded by beautiful seabed, perfect for diving lovers!

Isola dei conigli

Photo Credits Simone Flickr