Our #WeAreInPuglia Experience at the Dublin Road Show

What you can do and enjoy at the Dublin’s Puglia Village!

On Sunday 6th July, the Road Show #WeAreInPuglia finally landed at Dublin and set its 250sq white tends at George’s Dock in the IFSC quarter, bringing along a breath of summer air!

We have been at the Village to meet and greet the WeAreInPuglia team, looking forward to exploring the virtual tours, connecting with locals and enjoying some food & wine tasting.
Here you can read of our experience and get a glimpse of what you can do and enjoy at the Puglia Village!

Getting there… On the way to the Village, the rain hasn’t spared us, so we were even more impatient to reach the tents and be surrounded by the summery setting. The #WeAreInPuglia Village at the George’s Dock, Dublin:

Finally inside! No more rain to bother us and just good time ahead to spend exploring the stands. The programme for the 10 days is rich of free events and initiative for adults and kids. Coloured balloons and local music complete jazzy setting.

Our first stop is the Instawall. The big wall with Instagram photos catch our attention as soon as we get in. At the stand, we find out there are so many beautiful free postcards you can choose from! Pick yours, write your message and put them in the mail box. No need for a stamp, the Puglia Village will send them from Puglia to your loved ones as you were really there! Nice isn’t it?

Time for sending some postcards to our friends and the Food & Wine Tasting just starts. Perfect to get an insight of the typical Puglia cuisine, grab a seat and slowly taste the flavours of Puglia!
We try a bit of everything, enjoying a selection of bakery products, cheese and cured meats, accompanied by local red, rosé or white wine. The tasting offers little frisa, taralli, local pates, capocollo cured meat, caciocavallo cheese, almonds and – our favourite – the focaccia from Altamura. Simply amazing!

Moving around, we spot several “virtual” sections where visitors can interact with the Puglia territory and experience a true local journey!

The Virtual Bike

Jump on the bike, move your pedals and enjoy a ride in one of four main Puglia attractions available! Great option to burn some calories after the food & wine tasting!

Selfie Booth

Now that “selfies” have become so popular, we could not miss the chance to mark our day at the Puglia Village and stop at the Selfie Booth! Choose a landscape that you like and take your selfie! It will just look like if you were in Puglia!

My Virtual Tour

This looks like a big phone booth, with the difference that you will enjoy a personal virtual tour of Puglia, sitting on comfortable chair shaped like the region! A tour guide in live connection from Puglia will take you on a personalized tour! Great stuff!

It’s finally time of the Extravirgin Experience and we’re looking forward to tasting these fine EVO oils and finding out more about the 60 million of olive trees in Puglia! Delicious!

We move then at the Information stand, where there are lots of print outs and leaflets that you can take with you and comfortably read at home. The staff is very nice and friendly (and we take this opportunity to say “hi” to Clara, thanks for the lovely chat!). Gadgets are a nice addition, we really loved them! Sunglasses, beach towels, Mediterranean seeds to plant in your garden are just some of the items that you will receive!

After some chatting we are ready for the second tasting experience that has as main protagonist the Puglia Wine. Accompanied by Vito, an expert sommelier from Bari, we discover the autochthonous grapes of Puglia and taste the flavours and fragrances of their wine. We start with a white wine, a “Roycello” Fiano Salentino by winery Tormaresca, with a delicate aroma of citrus fruit and exotic notes combined with a pleasant hint of fresh almond. Then it’s time for a red “La Carta” Salice Salentino, made of 95% Negro Amaro and 5% Malvasia near, with a distinctive aromas of cococa and leather, by winery Candido. We stay on red wines and pass to “Torciconda” Primitivo by Tormaresca, with fruity hints of cherry, strawberry and liquorice. Finally, we end the tasting with a sweet wine, perfect with desserts or cheese, whose grapes mature in Castel del Monte DOC, the “Kaloro” Moscato di Trani Passito by Tormaresca, which reveals a hint candied citrus, apricot and honey. Thumbs up to all four!

Also, from Thursday 10th until the end of the Road Show, there will be some additions to the programme with “Taralli & Orecchiette” live cooking lessons and “Pizzica & Tamburello” workshops, and on the 12th the big music event of “Cime di Rave“! We’ll post more on this in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget that #WeAreInPuglia will stay in town until next Tuesday 15th July, so there is no excuse to stop by and get to know more about this charming region! We would recommend checking it, it’s going to be fun and you could get some inspiration for your next holidays!

If for any reasons you cannot make it here, keep following our days at the Village on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check the #weareinpuglia hashtag on anything connected to this event.