Today we introduce you Antonella Aresta, a multifaceted artist, originally from Bitonto (Bari), who is specializes in Aerial Photography. Antonella impressed us with her beautiful shots that offer a breathtaking view of Puglia and we asked her to tell us how she began this particular adventure.

nina_beautifulpugliaHow have you discovered the Aerial Photography?
I was a student of photography at Isola del Liri when I found out that my school was organizing a course in aerial photography. I did not hesitate a second and I enroll. In addition to the theoretical part, the course included also the practice but I was not afraid of flying at all. I remember the first time I got on the helicopter, I was very relaxed unlike the other students, confident of myself and ready for this new adventure. I put the headphones on, I looked at the pilot into his eyes and I knew that I could trust him, that we were in safe hands! About an hour in the air and I enjoyed all of it: the fantastic landscape of Isola del Liri, without mentioning the great view of the waterfalls. After getting off the helicopter, the adrenalin was flowing all inside my body and I knew that it wouldn’t be my last time, that I had to find a way to do it again, more, perhaps as a job.

I remember after a flight, just off the glider, I was so full of energy that I chased the sunset along the coast road on my bike… a pure feeling of freedom and strength. So my dream was then to fly over to Puglia and I did it. I joined a pilot from Bari and we have started to fly and photograph the beautiful Puglia from the sky, each time with a different route and a different emotion.


How does it feel to see Puglia from the heights?
Puglia is wonderful also from the sky, its shapes are beautiful! One part that particularly fascinates me is Trani with its imposing Cathedral just off the sea, simply wonderful. And another thing that I like is to see and visit those places that you normally see from the helicopter and enjoy the different view of perspective, a complete new dimension!

What your favorite city or place in Puglia?
Without any doubts my favourite place is the charming Tremiti Islands, San Nicolas and San Domino. There you can really see the pure beauty of the nature, get fascinated by these pieces of lands that are almost uncontaminated.  I love it so much, especially the hammock set on the shore looking at the fantastic scenery of Peschici, where I use to return almost every year in summer.


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