Welcome to the stunning region Puglia, the southeastern jewel of Italy, known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Often overlooked by tourists, Puglia offers a unique and authentic Italian experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re an avid traveler or planning your first trip to Italy, Puglia promises to captivate your heart and soul. Let’s explore why this enchanting region should be at the top of your travel list.

How to Get to Puglia

Getting to Puglia is straightforward and convenient. The region is served by two main airports: Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (BRI) and Brindisi Salento Airport (BDS), both offering numerous international and domestic flights.

If you prefer traveling by train, Puglia is well-connected to major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, and Naples.

For those who love road trips, driving through Italy’s scenic countryside to reach Puglia is an adventure in itself, thanks to its well-maintained highways.

A Glimpse into Puglia’s History

The region Puglia boasts a rich and diverse history, having been a crossroads of civilizations for centuries. Influences from the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, and more are evident throughout Puglia’s architecture, traditions, and cuisine. Each historical layer adds to the region’s unique charm, from ancient ruins to medieval castles and beautifully preserved historical towns.

Main Places to Visit

1. Bari

Start your journey in Bari, the capital city and a bustling port town. Explore the old quarter, Bari Vecchia, with its narrow streets, local markets, and the magnificent Basilica of Saint Nicholas. Don’t miss the vibrant waterfront and the historic Castello Normanno-Svevo.

bari puglia port

2. Lecce

Known as the “Florence of the South,” Lecce is famed for its stunning Baroque architecture. Highlights include the Basilica di Santa Croce and the Roman amphitheater. Lecce’s lively piazzas and rich cultural scene make it a must-visit.

lecce puglia

3. Alberobello

Step into a fairy tale in Alberobello, renowned for its trulli houses – unique, cone-shaped buildings that are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking through this charming town feels like traveling back in time.

alberobello puglia

4. Ostuni

Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Ostuni, the “White City,” dazzles with its whitewashed buildings and panoramic views. Explore its cobblestone streets and visit the beautiful Ostuni Cathedral.

5. Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare is a picturesque coastal town famous for its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Don’t miss the stunning Lama Monachile beach and the charming old town.


6. Trani

Visit the beautiful seaside town of Trani, known for its stunning cathedral right by the sea and a picturesque harbor. The town’s medieval architecture and vibrant nightlife are sure to enchant you.

Trani Port
Trani Port

7. Gallipoli

On the Ionian coast, Gallipoli is a charming town with a historic center on an island. Wander through its narrow streets, visit the impressive Gallipoli Castle, and relax on its beautiful beaches.

8. Otranto

The easternmost town in Italy, Otranto offers stunning views over the Adriatic Sea. Explore its historic cathedral with magnificent mosaics and the Aragonese Castle.

9. Vieste

Located in the Gargano National Park, Vieste is a picturesque town with dramatic cliffs and beautiful beaches. Don’t miss the stunning Pizzomunno rock and the charming old town.

source italia.it

10. Gargano Peninsula

The Gargano Peninsula is a nature lover’s paradise, featuring the Foresta Umbra, beautiful coastal towns, and pristine beaches. Visit the Monte Sant’Angelo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the stunning Tremiti Islands.


Puglia’s Beautiful Beaches

One of the highlights of the region Puglia is its stunning coastline, offering some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Here are some must-visit beaches that will leave you in awe:

1. Pescoluse (Maldive del Salento)

Often referred to as the “Maldives of Salento,” Pescoluse boasts white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It’s the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the serene beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

2. Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell’Orso is famous for its wide sandy beach and clear turquoise waters. The beach is framed by limestone cliffs and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

3. Baia dei Turchi

Located near Otranto, Baia dei Turchi is a pristine beach surrounded by lush pine forests. Its name, “Bay of the Turks,” harks back to the time of the Turkish invasions. The secluded location and natural beauty make it a favorite for those seeking tranquility.


4. Porto Selvaggio

Porto Selvaggio is a nature reserve with rugged cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and dense pine forests. It’s an ideal spot for hiking, swimming, and snorkeling, offering a more adventurous beach experience.

5. Punta Prosciutto

Known for its fine white sand and shallow, transparent waters, Punta Prosciutto is a paradise for beach lovers. It’s especially popular with families due to its calm and safe swimming conditions.

6. Cala Porto (Lama Monachile)

Located in Polignano a Mare, Cala Porto (also known as Lama Monachile) is a small pebble beach nestled between dramatic cliffs. The picturesque setting and clear blue waters make it a favorite spot for diving and photography.

Gastronomy Tips

Puglia is a paradise for food lovers, offering a rich culinary tradition that highlights the region’s bountiful produce. Be sure to try:

  • Orecchiette: This signature pasta, shaped like little ears, is often served with turnip greens (cime di rapa) or a rich tomato sauce.
  • Burrata: Originating from Andria, this creamy cheese is best enjoyed with fresh tomatoes and olive oil.
  • Focaccia Barese: A delicious flatbread topped with tomatoes, olives, and oregano.
  • Taralli: Crunchy, ring-shaped snacks flavored with fennel seeds or black pepper.

Pair your meals with local wines like Primitivo and Negroamaro, and end with a glass of sweet Limoncello for the perfect dining experience.

Events and Festivals

Region Puglia hosts numerous festivals and events that celebrate its rich culture and traditions. Some highlights include:

  • La Notte della Taranta: A famous music festival in Melpignano celebrating traditional Pizzica music and dance.
  • Focara di Novoli: Held in January, this spectacular event in Novoli features the lighting of a massive bonfire, accompanied by music, dance, and local food.
  • Corteo Storico di Federico II: A historical parade in Oria that reenacts the medieval court of Emperor Frederick II with colorful costumes, music, and traditional games.
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The region Puglia offers a wealth of experiences for every traveler. From its historic towns and stunning coastlines to its delectable cuisine and vibrant festivals, Puglia is a destination that will leave you enchanted. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore one of Italy’s most beautiful and underrated regions. Your adventure in Puglia awaits!

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