If you’re planning a trip from Rome to Puglia, you have a number of options for getting there. Whether you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to travel or want to take your time and see some sights along the way, there’s a mode of transportation to suit your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore the best routes for traveling from Rome to Puglia by car, train, plane, and bus.

Best ways to travel from Rome to Puglia

By Car

Driving from Rome to Puglia is a great option for those who want to see the sights along the way and have the freedom to stop whenever they like. The distance between Rome and the entrance to Puglia is approximately 320 kilometers, and the journey takes around 4 hours. There are two possible routes:

  • The most direct route is to take the A24 motorway from Rome to Pescara, then the A14 to Bari, and finally the SS16 to your destination in Puglia.
  • The other option is to take the A1 motorway from Rome towards Naples. Take the exit towards the A30 and eventually take the exist onto the A16 towards Puglia. Depending on your final destination, you can proceed and merge with the A14 towards Bari or take other regional roads. If you opt for this option, you could also consider a stop in Caserta. This town is known for its beautiful Royal Palace of Caserta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace has over 1,200 rooms and was built in the 18th century for the Bourbon kings of Naples.

While the motorway is the quickest way to travel, it can be expensive due to tolls. If you’re on a budget, consider taking the scenic route along the Adriatic coast. This will take longer, but you’ll get to see some of Italy’s beautiful coastline.

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By Train

Traveling from Rome to Puglia by train is a great option for those who want to sit back and enjoy the scenery. There are a number of trains that run between Rome and the main cities in Puglia. For all details and timetable check the Trenitalia website. Alternatively check the Omio website for best fare and to compare different options.

  • The quickest option is to take a high-speed train from Rome to Bari, which takes just over 3 hours. From Bari, you can take a local train to your final destination in Puglia.
  • If you need to go to Salento, then you can travel to Lecce station, this journey takes approximately 6 hours.
  • And for the Norther part of Puglia, you can travel to Foggia which takes 3 hourss.

By Plane

Traveling from Rome to Puglia by plane is the quickest and most convenient option. There are a number of airlines that operate flights and the journey takes around 1 hour.

The main airport in Puglia is Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport, which is located around 11 kilometers from the city center. From here, you can take a taxi or a local bus to your final destination. Alternatively, you can fly to Brindisi Airport of Salento, which is located around 38 kilometers from Lecce.

rome to puglia

Flight to Bari

Flight to Brindisi

By Bus

Traveling from Rome to Puglia by bus is the cheapest option, but also the slowest. There are a number of bus companies that operate services and the journey may take from 4 to 8 hours depending on your final destination. Some of the main bus lines are Flixbus, Marinobus and Itabus. Check the Omio website for full list and best travel deal.

The main bus station in Rome is located at Tiburtina, and from here you can catch a bus to your final destination in Puglia. The most common routes are from Rome to Bari and Rome to Lecce, but there are also services to other towns and cities in the region.