Santo Spirito, a safe harbour

I had been told to follow the sea and I started travelling, as a ship. The sea cradled me and the wind was my only mentor. I have crossed so many seas, but at the end, my ship came back to a safe harbour: the one that, just looking at it, is capable to take your breath away and make your heart beat faster.
This harbour is full of memories, slowly moved by the childish souvenirs of the summers spent on that beaches. That’s Puglia. Puglia is tradition, memory, emotion.

Every day at Santo Spirito the sun perfectly sets in the same place and it is marvelous to notice that in every port of Puglia sunsets are perfectly the same.
The sun softly cherishes the houses and the boats, before losing  itself in our blue sea.
Sunset is the perfect moment to feel all these emotions:  sick but passionate fishermen prepare the nets that they will use during their new fishing night and the boat stands there, motionless.
It is an hanging moment of life, waiting for something, probably waiting for the evening that will give life to the harbour: families, young people, couples will come here to enjoy the typical summer walk, typical only in Puglia, typical only on our beaches.

Get involved into the tranquility of this place, the little harbour of Santo Spirito, which is far only few kilometers from Bari: here you’ll find, feel and live all these emotions. It is the safe harbour where you’ll  come back, wishing to live it again and again.

Angela Coscia