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    Best beaches in Puglia: top 10 most beautiful

    Puglia has gained a fantastic reputation among tourists and tour operators for the beauty and charm of its unspoiled beaches and the crystal clear water. Puglia offers approximately 800 km of coastline of unique natural beauty: its beaches are the ideal retreat for those looking for relaxation and wellness, as well as for all those that desire a bit more of adventure and swim and snorkel through rocky sea bottoms. Here we have listed the top 10 best beaches in Puglia that we believed every tourist should not miss while visiting the region and they have been chosen based on their uniqueness. 1. Tremiti Islands The Tremiti Islands, which are…

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    Beaches in Gargano: Top 10 most beautiful

    The Gargano has some of the most beautiful beaches of Puglia. With its 140 km of coastline, the promontory is characterized by the presence of sandy beaches, ancient forest (mainly pine woods), bays, limestone cliffs, dunes, calcareous caves, and the faraglioni, white rocks emerging from the sea. Famous and numerous are also the trabucchi, ancient wood-made structures built by fishermen from where they cast their nets. With its sparkling sea and cobalt blue water Gargano is the ideal destination for divers and water sports lovers. It’s highly recommended visiting the promontory by boat, to admire the entire coastline from Isola Varano to Mattinata, stopping in most remarkable places of the…

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    Zagare Bay

    The Zagare Bay, one of the Top Ten beaches in Italy The Zagare Bay, also called Mergoli Bay, is located after the Pugnochiuso Bay, 15 Km far from Mattinata, in the Gargano Promontory. This beach can be reached by sea, through daily boat trips leaving from Mattinata, or by land through two hotels, the Baia delle Zagare Hotel and the Baia dei Faraglioni Hotel, going down straight to the beach with an elevator built into the rock. Considering that the access by land is private property of the hotels and the beach can only accommodate a maximum of 30 visitants per day to protect the site, if you wish to…

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    Gargano, the spur of the Italian boot

    Discovering Gargano Gargano, also known as the spur of the Italian boot, is a promontory (it’s actually called the Gargano Promontory) that extends into the eastern part of Puglia and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. It is part of the province of Foggia and is almost entirely occupied by the Gargano National Park