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    Places to visit in Puglia: Top 10 not to miss

    Puglia, also known as the heel of the Italian boot: such a splendid region offers charming towns and villages, marvellous architecture, tasty food, plenty of traditions and folklore. Here we want to present you with what we consider to be the top 10 places to visit in Puglia and among the most beautiful in Italy. Otranto Otranto is a town in the province of Lecce and is part the Salento area. It is located in a harbour along the east coast on the Adriatic Sea and is the easternmost town in Italy. Its small seaport is mostly used for fishing activity and tourism, especially for the ferry services to Greece.…

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    Alberobello is a small yet characteristic town located South East of Puglia in the province of Bari, (in the middle of The Itria Valley) with a population of about 10,000 people. Alberobello is situated on two hills; the new town is located on the eastern hill and is characterized by a modern architecture. The western part is occupied by the old town (trulli) and the whole area is divided into two districts: Monti and Aia Piccola, both National Monuments. Alberobello is without question one of the most characteristic towns in Italy and is famous for its traditionally built ancient stone houses called trulli, (which since 1996 have been named a…

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    Polignano a Mare

    Polignano a Mare is a town in the province of Bari. Its origins date back to the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC), it was known as Neapolis during ancient Greek times and became an important trading center and seaport under the Romans. Polignano a Mare is a pearl on the Adriatic Sea, the oldest part of the town lies on limestone cliffs and overlooks the sea. Of particular interest are his natural caves scattered around its territory where several remains of prehistoric human settlement have been found. But most important and characteristic are the caves along its coast. Dug by the force of the sea which has shaped the rocks over the…

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    Martina Franca

    Martina Franca is a city of about 50K inhabitants in the province of Taranto. It’s located on a hill in the Southern part of the Murgia and overlooks the green Itria Valley. It is a must-see and perfect stop for a day trip if you are taking a tour of Puglia and Itria Valley. The city was founded in the 10th century, and the name Martin comes from people’s devotion to St. Martin, the first human settlement was in fact right on the St. Martin Mountain. The name Franca, was assigned in 1310 as a result of various privileges that were given to the city. The most important was surely…

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    Locorotondo is a village in the province of Bari with a population of about 14,000 people, well connected by public transports and easily accessible by car, Locorotondo is certainly worth a visit while in Southern Italy. Its name derives from the Latin Locus Rotundus meaning round place to prove the fact that the village had a circular shape which still remains today. Built on top of a hill and surrounded by a wall Locorotondo is certainly the most beautiful natural balcony over the Valle d’Itria. From its panoramic viewpoint, you can see thousands of trulli, a typical Mediterranean scrub forest, olive groves and vineyards that surround the Masserie. The the…

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    Cisternino is a village in the province of Brindisi, which overlooks the Itria Valley. The first human settlement in the area dates back the Paleolithic period. Even today, prehistoric tools of every kind such as knives, scrapers and chisels to cut bones can be found in the area. The name Cisternino derives from the hero Sturnoi, who after the Trojan War founded a nearby town which was later occupied by the Romans, which they named Sturninum and today is the current Ostuni. It was not until the Middle Ages that the Byzantine monks named it Cis-sturnium (on this side of Sturnium). The old town of Cisternino is an example of…

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    Ceglie Messapica

    Ceglie Messapica is a pretty town in the province of Brindisi. It is located on a hill about 11 km south of Ostuni, half way along the road between Brindisi and Taranto. According to legend, Ceglie was founded by the Pelasgians civilization who came from the East in Puglia; remains of this civilization would be the “specchie” (mirrors) and other megalithic constructions. With the arrival of the Greeks in 700 BC the city was named Kaila. The name Ceglie derives from Caelia, this is how it was named in the third century BC when it was ruled by the Messapi which during that period also ruled other cities like Brindisi,…

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    Castellana Caves

    Castellana Caves (Castellana Grotte) is a small town in the province of Bari. The town bases its economy mainly on agriculture and tourism. It has a very nice historic center with many ancient buildings dating back to the 17th century.   The town links its name primarily to the enchanting beauty of its caves, the largest and most picturesque complex of caves in Italy and one of the main tourist destination in Puglia. The formation of these karst caves dates back about as far as 90 million years ago. The presence of the caves had been known since the 18th century as people used to tell stories about monsters and ghosts living…