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    Bombette: the typical Pugliese braciole

    La Bombetta is a specialty of Pugliese gastronomy, in particular of the Valle D’Itria, and it is a seasoned braciola swapped around a piece of cheese and then grilled. As most of the Pugliese dishes, the Bombette were a common meal among the poorest, who used to take the fatty cuttings that nobody else wanted, to gain some strength and energy. Now Bombette are really popular and a must-try dish for those that visit Puglia. Every butcher in the region would sell them as traditional delicacies and some would also grill them for you, wrapping the Bombette in oiled paper, so that you can eat on the go.   Difficulty: Easy…

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    Puglia Gastronomy

    Did you know that gastronomic products are the most popular souvenirs of Puglia? The one thing that Puglia can certainly not be beaten in is food. Gastronomy represents a link between land, natural resources and community and is definitely the flagship of the region. Puglian cuisine has always been defined as cucina povera (poor cuisine), for its simple ingredients, yet it satisfies any palate. It comes from natural products of simple but distinct flavours and it has three main strengths: durum wheat, vegetables and olive oil that combined with meat and fish create original dishes with genuine and unique flavours. The motto here in Puglia is: simple is good. Puglia is a…

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    Dried Figs

    I recently had the pleasure of attending a very ancient custom that usually characterizes the countryside life during the last weeks of summer. A beautiful tradition that unfortunately, like many others, is disappearing and I believe it should be preserved instead. The collection and drying of the fresh figs for the preparation of fichi cucchiati (literally coupled figs).

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    Olive Oil

    Olive trees derive from The Oleastro, which is a species of wild olive tree, its early findings can be dated back tens of thousands of years ago. According to Greek mythology goddess Athena was the one who planted the first olive tree and its fruit was given to all men as wonderful juice.

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    Fichi d’India

    Vi scrivo con una bella fetta di pane tostato e marmellata accanto. E’ un particolare che potrebbe sembrare inutile o molto peggio non interessarvi affatto ma è proprio da questo succulento pane con la marmellata che è nata l’idea per il mio articolo. Pochi giorni fa, percorrendo in bici le stradine di campagna della mia bella regione, mi sono accorta di quanta buonissima frutta rimane incolta sugli alberi, a marcire ingiustamente; in particolare sono i fichi d’india ad essere i più numerosi e solitari.

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    “Everything is ended to tarallucci and wine”, meaning that is everything is ended well and every discussion is resolved with a nothing of fact. This friendly expression is used to say that everything is finished for the best and is the famous motto of taralli from Puglia that best describes their history and tradition. The taralli were first introduced in Neapolitan cuisine at the end of 1700, food shortages and widespread hunger induced bakers to preserve the remains of the dough used to make bread, the bakers added pork fat and pepper to it and that’s how the taralli were born. It was a poor food but nutritious and economical and…