The so awaited trip to Puglia

And finally came the so long awaited day of departure … holiday time! We dreamed her, we imagined her and we so much desired her …Puglia!
Early departure from Dublin, flight to Brindisi airport with connection in Treviso. From 4 am to 4 pm, a 12 hours travel with a fixed idea in mind…dive in those crystalline waters and feel the warmth of the sand under our feet.

We arrive on time at the airport, it’s so hot, I’m not sure whether it’s called Caligula or Nero (funny names that Italians gave to heat waves this season), but it is extremely hot; the family was expecting us and after the ritual greetings we head home. Just the time to leave the luggage, wear the swimsuit and we head straight to the beach.
The Dunes of Campomarino (Maruggio, TA) are a marvel, free beach, unspoiled nature and a sea that has nothing to envy to the so-famous places in the Caribbean. The sand is hot just like we had imagined it… not to mention the water, we swim until the 8pm and have zero desire to go home.
But back home we find a culinary delicacy typical of the Apulian cuisine of this area: the tiella barese, a dish made of rice, mussels, potatoes and zucchini baked in the oven. Dear friends … WHAT A GOOD DISH!
And to end the day, we visit the exhibition “Calici sotto le Stelle”literally “Glass beneath the Stars” organized in the town of Sava (TA) where we revel the palate tasting the best wines of the area.
I would say… a very good first day!
Happy holidays to everybody. Viva la Puglia, its beauties and its people.