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Torre Guaceto

Located about 10 miles Northwest of Brindisi is the WWF Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto, its name comes from the Arab Gawsit meaning “land of fresh water”. Since 1975 it has been declared a wetland of international interest and in 1991 a protected marine area has also been constituted. The reserve covers an area of nearly 22 km2 and 8 Km of coastline spread around the ancient fortified tower and is one of the best preserved stretches of coast along the Adriatic coast.

Torre Guaceto

Photo Credits: Flickr-NEVILLE ROSSI
The whole area is characterized by the different environments that include wetlands, marshes and dunes that rise up to 10 meters, the Mediterranean maquis and agricultural land. Its protected oasis represents the perfect habitat for many animal species: it attracts many species of migrating birds and turtles and reeds are also present inland.

The agricultural area is characterized mostly by large olive trees groves bordered by the typical dry stone low walls. The wetland is probably the most characteristic of the entire area. It is fed by underground spring water and covered with thick reeds grove. However the water is brackish as the whole area is located along the coast.

... un Salento da scoprire

Photo Credits: Flickr-FranK
The Mediterranean maquis, mainly covering the northern part of the reserve, is an ecosystem typical of the whole region: it consists mainly of shrubs and small trees but other species such as juniper, myrtle, thyme and oak can also be found here.

Lots of activities are available in the reserve to better discover this amazing place and enjoy your stay in the area: walks, cycling tours and snorkelling in the marine reserve are organized (bicycles and snorkelling outfit can be rent onsite).

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