Any time is a good time to visit Puglia!

The entire region is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate. The coastal areas and valleys tend to have hot summers, mild winters and are mainly dry and ventilated. The hinterland has different climatic conditions, more typically continental, with greater changes in seasonal temperatures that can fall below 0°C and snowfall can make appearance. Rainfall is mainly concentrated during the autumn and winter.

The temperature ranges between summer and winter are remarkable especially in the inner valleys: on the plateau (Tavoliere) temperature can go from over 40° C in summer to -2° C / -3° C in the winter mornings.

How about temperatures?

Overall temperatures in the spring months stood at 20° C while from May to September the average temperature ranges from 25° to 35° C with highs that go up to 38° on certain days in July or August.

Best time to the get the most out of Puglia

The main tourism season in Italy goes from June to the end of September with July and August being peak months. Weather in Puglia is normally very mild during the summer season, therefore anytime is perfect to enjoy the beauty of this land.

If you are looking for some relaxing holidays, we recommend you visiting Puglia during the quieter part of the summer season, from April to June and from September to October when weather is still very good and prices are lower.

If you wish to fully enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Puglia instead, July and August are the peak tourist months and the best ones in terms of entertainment and events. Weather is generally very hot and prices are normally higher during these times.