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Safari Zoo Puglia & Fasanolandia

The Zoo Safari in Puglia is a place that all children and their parents will love, this is where you can be in contact with nature and animals and have a great fun within the amusement park. This permanent structure that hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year is located just outside the town of Fasano in the Brindisi Province. It consists of the safari zoo, the wildlife pedestrian park and the amusement park known as Fasanolondia.

The entire complex is the biggest in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. Main attraction is the Zoo Safari, this is a great wildlife park that houses about 1,700 specimens of 200 species. Here the animals live in absolute freedom in very large and open spaces; they can also get close to the public.

The zoo, a safari-style area, has to be visited by car: keeping all windows closed and driving alongside with lions, tigers, bears, camels and zebras is a truly exciting experience not to be missed. Stop near the giraffe section and offer them some peanuts, they will gently lean towards to your car.

In addition to the drive-through safari, the park also has a traditional zoo area, with walk-through enclosures and exhibits.

The wildlife pedestrian park has different sections: jump on the monkey train and be ready to be surrounded by hundreds of monkeys and baboons looking for peanuts. Visit the tropical area with snakes, turtles and alligators, the ornithological area where several species of exotic birds can be admired and the reptile-fish-insect house. Finally take a trip with the metro-zoo to the lake and its tiny islands: watch out from the train for leopards and panthers. Jump off the train and watch the seals, rhinos, bears and hippopotamus.

The park also offers a range of attractions and activities, such as amusement rides, playgrounds, and shows featuring trained animals. There are also several restaurants and snack bars located throughout the park, as well as gift shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts.


Fasanolandia is the name of the amusement park located within the Safari Zoo in Fasano, Italy. It is part of the larger Zoosafari Fasanolandia complex, which includes both the drive-through safari and the traditional zoo areas.

Fasanolandia offers a variety of attractions and rides, including roller coasters, water rides, and a variety of other thrill rides. There are also several playgrounds and areas specifically designed for younger children, as well as live shows featuring trained animals.

In addition to the amusement park attractions, Fasanolandia also features several restaurants and snack bars, as well as gift shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts.

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Things to do near the Zoo Safari in Puglia

There are several things to do near the Zoo Safari in Puglia, Italy. Here are a few options:

Visit Ostuni, the “White City” – This beautiful city is just a short drive away from the Zoo Safari and is famous for its whitewashed buildings and stunning views.

Explore the Alberobello Trulli – Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage site and features unique, cone-shaped buildings called trulli. You can wander through the town and learn about the history and culture of the region.

Head to the coast – Puglia has some gorgeous beaches, and you can find several along the Adriatic coast near the Zoo Safari. Some popular spots include Torre Guaceto and Torre Santa Sabina.

Visit the Grotte di Castellana – These caves are a stunning natural wonder and are located just a short drive from the Zoo Safari. You can take a guided tour through the caves and see incredible rock formations and underground lakes.

Explore the Baroque city of Lecce – Lecce is known for its stunning Baroque architecture and beautiful churches. You can spend a day wandering through the city and admiring the stunning buildings and historic sites.