Driven by the initiative of a Puglian professional and a shared passion for his land, Beautiful Puglia is an international portal of tourist information 100% made in Puglia.

Beautiful Puglia encloses in a single platform complete and accurate information about Puglia and its territory, accommodations and local business, cultural and artistic initiatives that can help plan your stay, with the aim of offering a more authentic way to discover this land, through the eyes and stories of those who live and love Puglia!

Promotion and authentic awareness of Puglia is what all pages have in common, in fact, articles and information are written and edited exclusively by local people and Puglia lovers.

Beautiful Puglia is therefore also an engaging place where anyone can experience and learn about this region, an opportunity to share personal experiences and so promote “real” views of Puglia, beyond the concept of simple tourist information. Puglia is so many places, so many stories and so many souls! And we want to give voice to all these aspects as they are felt and lived by the people, while creating a network of opportunities and interactions for our region!

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About Me


Marco Andriulo

Marco hails from the province of Taranto and he is an enthusiastic Telecommunications Engineer. A tireless traveler, keen on photography and web development, Marco lives in Barcelona and despite the distance has never forgotten his homeland. Puglia still remains his great passion and he loves talking and sharing the beauty of his home region with other travelers. He also enjoy cooking and his specialties include “panzerotti” and “focaccia barese”, which have now become extremely popular among friends!

“I have always shared my passion about Puglia and, during these years living abroad, I have also regrettably noticed how little the region is known outside our national borders. Puglia has so much to offer but a very few knows about its treasures and potential. So I felt I had to do more and invest my passion into something more concrete… and there I was with the goal of creating the best portal about Puglia, to promote this charming land and spread its culture all over the world. The project is growing quickly, with the long term goal to support the promotion of a wide range of local partners, individuals and businesses, to enhance relationships and improve Puglia’s ranking in the eyes of national and international visitors.” If you wish to know more about Marco visit